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Important Updates

  • Launched Cash Transfer Now!! Earn min. Rs. 500 and transfer it to your bank account.
  • Earn Instant Cash Now!! Go to Quick Money in Earn Reward Tabs.
  • Claim your Daily Reward and earn snap wallet money.
  • Earn min 100 Reward points to claim your credit.
  • Update your profile and earn Rs. 5 now!
  • Earn 0.5% Cashback in your Snap Wallet on every Recharge.
  • Click on "Earn Rewards" and get access to Huge Rewarding Offers.

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Who we are?

Snapaoffer.com is an emerging online platform to earn Free Recharge. It supports free recharge from all Indian telecom operators ( Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, Reliance, BSNL, Loop, MTS, Tata Indicom, Docomo, Aircel, Uninor, Idea, Virgin Mobile). Do your regular activities online via Snapaoffer to earn Rewards and get free recharge.

You can earn Free recharge for your Mobile by doing different activities you usually do online such as registering for special offers, redeeming coupons, reading horoscopes, shopping online, checking out exclusive bonus e-mails, playing games, reading your horoscope and many more... Register now and start getting Free Recharge.

What we do?

Snapaoffer gives you an opportunity to earn Money by checking Sponsor's Advertisement. Usually you watch promotions in your Email, Social Media, Website, Newspapers & Television however none of them pays you to check these ads. But, Snapaoffer pays you to check our Sponsor's Advertisement.

Snapaoffer also pays you for daily login to your account. We send you exclusive Daily Bonus Emails on your registered Email Id to earn more money.

You can use this money to get Free Mobile, DTH, Datacard Recharges. We are coming up soon with more new ways to earn money.

What is Snapaoffer Wallet?

We have two types of Wallets under Snapaoffer Wallet Tab:

  • Reward Points Wallet: All the reward points you earn goes to Reward Point wallet but you cannot use it for free recharge till the time it’s get validated from our team.
  • Snap Wallet: All valid and duly approved reward points are transferred to your Snap Wallet, where you can redeem them for recharging your devices and for shopping like you would use cash from a regular wallet.

How much time it takes to validate reward point balance and transfer to Snap Wallet?

All the reward points are validated within a specified time. Depending on the activity, each activity takes a different amount of time for verification. If the activity passes the verification stage successfully, the resulting reward points will get converted to cash and will be transferred to your Snap Wallet.

How can I earn reward points?

User can earn Free Recharge in many ways:

Click on Earn Rewards tab at the top of the Home Page to find fun tasks to complete and earn even more reward points. Below are some of the ways you can earn your free reward points:

  • Daily Login Rewards

    Login daily to your account and claim your daily rewards from daily rewards section of earn rewards tab. The rewards will be credited directly to your Snap Wallet. You can use it for free recharge.

  • Quick Money Offers

    Quick Money Offers: Snapaoffer runs offers in partnership with certain vendors, where users can register for offers of their choice and the Snap cash is directly credited into their Snap Wallet with no delay or verification. In this case there is no wait time for verification and the user can use this credit amount immediately.

  • Register & Earn Offers

    Register & Earn Offers: Register for special offers that are of interest to you and earn Reward points as a bonus. These exciting offers are provided by third party vendors and can be availed through our website which gives you even more reward points and cashbacks into your wallet.

  • Shop & Earn Offers

    Shop & Earn Offers: Shopping with benefits. Shop for items from your favorite brands online through our portal and earn Reward points. You can use these points once the transactions have been approved and the cashback has been credited in your Snap Wallet.

  • Recharge with us and earn

    Snapaoffer also provides a flat 0.5% cashback on all online recharges done through our portal through online banking or debit/credit cards. This cashback offer applies across all service providers and there are no minimum recharge amounts or hidden terms and conditions for this offer.

  • Play Games & Earn Rewards

    Snapaoffer gives you a chance to earn reward even as you play games and relax. Go to our games section of Fun Box Tab and play any of the games there to earn reward points daily.

  • Read Daily Horoscope & Earn Rewards

    Interested in seeing what the future holds? Cashbacks and rewards abound in your future here at Snapaoffer. Now read your horoscope from the horoscopes section of our Fun Box Tab and earn reward points to do so.

  • Snapaoffer Bonus Mail

    Snapaoffer also sends its members amazing offers directly to their inbox which can directly be availed through the email itself and the cashbacks and reward points are directly credited into your Snap Wallet, saving you the time and effort of finding offers you like via the portal. Snapaoffer will send you emails for the following reasons:

    • Whenever Snapaoffer is launching a new offer that may be of interest to you.
    • Whenever there is an update in the status of your reward points and they have been approved/rejected.
    • napaoffer is constantly adding new and exciting features to its portal and we would hate for you to miss out, so we will send you a mail whenever we launch a new feature outlining what it does and how you can use it.
    • Promotional emails from our partners will also be sent to our users to keep them updated about the latest and greatest offers and allow them to purchase or subscribe to these offers right from their inbox.
    • Snapaoffer will also send all important update and notification correspondence to its users through email to ensure that its users are always up to date with its terms and conditions and any important information corresponding to Snapaoffer.

    NOTE: To ensure that our emails reach you please check your spam folder from time to time to ensure that our emails are not being delivered as spam. In case they are, please mark them as “not spam” to ensure you never miss out on any important offers or updates from us.

How to claim reward points?

To convert your reward points into cash in your Snapaoffer Wallet, you need to follow a few basic steps:

  • Update your profile: If your Snapaoffer account profile in not completed yet then the first thing you need to do is enter and update the required details in your profile.
  • If your profile is accurately updated, the Snapaoffer team will automatically run a weekly verification for the reward points in your account and approve the valid reward points and convert them into cash in your Snap Wallet.
  • In case the user wishes to have the verification done before the automatic weekly verification cycle, Snapaoffer provides them with an option on their Snapaoffer wallet page where they can request their points be claimed directly.
  • In case the verification fails, the reward points that are awarded for that task will automatically be invalidated and removed from the user’s wallet. To ensure that this does not happen, we have outlined below some of the criteria that will ensure that you do not lose any of your hard earned reward points in the verification phase.
    • Ensure that you fulfill all the stated eligibility requirements in the offer details.
    • Double check your information for correctness and accuracy while filling in the details for the offer as any incorrect information filled will lead to automatic invalidation of the reward points for that offer.
    • For verification of the offer, one of the partner vendor representatives will call to ensure that you have indeed signed up for and are interested in the stated offer. If you do not seem interested or deny having applied for the offer, then the verification all will be treated as failed and you will not be eligible for the reward points on that offer.
    • Ensure that you have entered the correct mobile number and email address as verification is done through the phone number and/or email address specified while entering the details for the offer. In case the mobile number is wrong or the number is not answering despite repeated attempts to reach out for verification, the reward points for that offer will stand invalidated.

NOTE: To ensure the best possible experience with Snapaoffer, we recommend that you follow the following basic guidelines.

  • Ensure that you are interested in an offer before applying. If you are not, there is a chance the verification may fail and you will have ended up wasting time.
  • Go through the offer details carefully to ensure that no criteria or condition has been missed and all eligibility requirements have been duly met.
  • Make sure that all the information that you enter during the registration for an offer is accurate and correct to ensure a hassle free verification process.
  • To ensure that the verification is successful, always make sure to attend the advertisers verification phone call and show interest and enthusiasm in the call. This is imperative for a successful verification.
  • In case you do not seem to be getting emails from snapaoffer, please check your spam inbox to ensure that it is not being marked as spam and if it is, unmark it so that you do not miss out on any important announcements or offers from us.